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    All the reviews are written by fans of the great art of film making rather than some newspaper reviewer or stuffy film student. We don’t know everything about film but we do know what we like, and we are more than happy to share our opinions with you. What you do with those opinions are totally up to you, although comments are welcome and encouraged.

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    * : One star: don’t waste your time with this.

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Green Lantern: First Flight

TITLE: Green Lantern: First Flight

YEAR: 2009

GENRE: Superhero

With the success of most of the big-budget superhero epics of the last decade, DC and Marvel Comics have both been digging in their collective archives to also create a bunch of animated films based on their line of super heroes. After all, all these characters started as drawings so it makes sense to create animated films to maximize their profit lines with a new line of films that can be based on storylines that may not be as acceptable for the Hollywood big shots and at the same time can be produced more inexpensively.

Most of these films are rather short and not very good, and Green Lantern: First Flight is no exception. Based on the DC Comics character, the storyline is more of an origins story similar to the upcoming big budget film that will be unleashed on theaters this summer. Hal Jordan, hot shot test pilot, discovers a dying member of the Green Lantern Corps and is recruited to become the newest member of the equivalent of a global police force, and Jordan is assigned to be trained by the most-honored Sinestro. Sinestro has other plans however, and that is to overthrow the Green Lantern Corps and to take over the world on his own. The film ends with the stereotypical battle to save the universe with Jordan having to prove his worth to the Corps who question his allegiance and dedication to their cause.

I have several problems with this film. First of all, the story telling is weak and stereotypical for the superhero world. For me, I like my superheroes to be more human (Batman, Punisher) and to have a back story that is more relatable to the viewer (Spiderman, Kick Ass). The character development is a bit poor in this offering as well: Hal Jordan comes across as having little to no personality, but then again he was not that charismatic in the comics either. Also, the animation was not the best compared to the other films in the DC Comics series and it just does not capture the interest. As a result, this film seemed to be a lot longer than its 77 minute run time and it did not capture my attention at all.

There are some good movies in the recent DC series, especially Wonder Woman and the surprisingly entertaining The Batman Vs. Dracula. However, this is not one of them. I am sure that the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster will make a zillion dollars and every comic book nerd will pick it to collective shreds like almost every other Hollywood superhero offering, but I hope that it is a lot better than Green Lantern: First Flight.

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