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Inbred Rednecks

TITLE: Inbred Rednecks

YEAR: 2001

GENRE: comedy

There are times that you can judge a book by its cover. In this case, it is from the DVD cover of the film Inbred Rednecks, an independent comedy out of South Carolina. The cover of an obviously idiotic male whose parents met at the annual family reunion flipping the bird says it all about this film: silly, immature, and bowing down to the lowest common denominator. That is a fair assessment of this film, so the cover is really more of a warning than a laugh.

The premise of the film starts with a not-so-bright hillbilly who brags to his friends that he has created a six foot tall human/rooster fusion “through the miracle of modern science” although the truth is that he had unnatural relations with a hen. And what, pray tell, should one do with the fruit of his loins? Take it around the south and become the head chicken in the hen house of the cockfighting world, of course! A rival rooster wrangler does not think too kindly of this unnatural intruder on his world, and as a result he and his bumbling group of subordinates decide to steal the rooster and make a few bucks off of it as well. The result of this fowl kidnapping brings about a trek across North Carolina and Tennessee to save their gladiator rooster. On the way we meet several fairly colorful characters, including a fast food worker who is too cute for her own good, Sweetmeat the Midget ( who is obviously a tall guy walking around on his knees) who becomes the butt of many jokes (“Ya know what would be scary? A big midget! A big midget would kick your *%#!”), and a frog-obsessed Vietnam veteran whose mission in life is to rid his farm of the “little green turds”.

This film could have been funny as it had some decent one-liners and some amusing situations (the date scene where one hillbilly messes up some French he learned in the bathroom to his date is especially amusing), but at just under two and a half hours long there is too much time to swallow. I think the editor of the film kept every frame and pieced it into the movie whether it was relevant or not, and as a result Inbred Rednecks drags on too much. This could have been a good independent low budget film at 75 or 80 minutes or chopped up into three or four short films, but as one giant lump it is way too much. The stupid writing in the script didn’t help, but a much shorter version would have made Inbred Rednecks more palatable.

The scary aspect of this film was that there was enough interest for a sequel to be made (the rednecks gets abducted by aliens), and this film was awarded by some group as the best film to smoke dope while watching in 2001. For some people that will be enough to get them to place this film at the top of their Netflix list, but Inbred Rednecks really has little to no redeemable qualities other than a way to kill brain cells. There is no need for pot in this case, as any viewing of this film will surely cause your cerebrum to commit cellular suicide. Inbred Rednecks is only for the most die-hard B-movie fans.

* ½



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