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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

TITLE: Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

YEAR: 2010

GENRE: Animation and Superhero/Comics

It was announced today that Cleveland, Ohio, will be the filming location for the highly anticipated The Avengers film starring the famed Marvel Comics superhero assembly. Both DC and Marvel have been building for their big ensemble films that surely will make a boatload of money for their collective distributors. DC and Marvel have been making animated movies with their characters for several years at a fairly accelerated pace to a mixed bag of results. DC Comics has released two animated films based on the famed Justice League, and both have been satisfactory. Justice League: The New Frontier (2008) was a neat throwback story to 1950’s comics right down to plot that would have been fairly common in the comics of those days. The other one, Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths, is based in more modern times and is a fun, adventurous romp that combines a lot of action and some suspense into one of the better animated superhero movies.

The film first begins in an alternate dimension where the superheroes and super villains are polar opposites: the doppelganger versions of the super villains are really the members of their Justice League and the evil Superman (known as Ultra Man) is the undisputed leader of the Crime Syndicate which is wrecking havoc onto their world. The last survivor of the alternate world’s Justice League, Lex Luthor (and yes, they kept the name), ventures out by travelling to the dimension of superheroes that we know and love. He pleads his case to the Justice League (in a humorous scene with Luther in the buff to “make sure he doesn’t have any weapons” with the quip “…and they call me The Flash!” said from our speedy Justice League member), and the league sans Batman go off to the alternate dimension to meet their polar opposites. Lots of fighting and superhero stuff happens. The Crime Syndicate later discovers that their Lex Luthor hid the detonator to an apocalyptic bomb in the other universe, and Super Woman (bad person) crosses dimensional lines to combat Batman for the detonator. Batman is now forced to cross over, and with his friends discovers that the Dark Knight’s evil twin (named Owlman, similar to the character in The Watchmen) has an insidious plan that even his evil cohorts can not allow to happen.

I liked Justice League: COTE for several reasons and did not like it as much for another. The animation is fresh and crisp, and the film has a great look to it (although I liked the previous retro film better in that department). The script was also surprisingly fluid considering all the twists, turns, and character development which could have been quite confusing. The opening credits were also pretty cool and ended up being an integral part of the film. The musical score was also well done: very majestic and exciting, which is a good fit for an action-packed superhero epic. The best part was the overall morale of the story, which was that your decisions do have long-term effects on yourself and others. It is always nice to tie a good moral into a film that may be watched by kids, although the PG-13 rating is deserved as this is too intense for smaller kids. Unfortunately, the voice acting was a mixed bag here: most of the characters were satisfactory enough and a couple were especially good; Mark Harmon from “NCIS” fame was excellent as Superman, but the best voice character was James Patrick Stewart as The Jester (a good guy version of The Joker) in a too limited role. However, William Baldwin as Batman was especially pathetic as he made The Caped Crusader sound as wimpy as he has been since the Adam West days.

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths has some very good moments and a quality story. It is much better than some of the other animated superhero offerings but it is not perfect. Next time they need to be more careful with some of the voice actor decisions especially with the main characters. Some better decisions in the casting department would have made this a better offering, but it is acceptable enough to make this an addition to your future viewing list. Just imagine Kevin Conroy doing the voice of Batman and you will be fine.

* * * 1/2



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