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    All the reviews are written by fans of the great art of film making rather than some newspaper reviewer or stuffy film student. We don’t know everything about film but we do know what we like, and we are more than happy to share our opinions with you. What you do with those opinions are totally up to you, although comments are welcome and encouraged.

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    * : One star: don’t waste your time with this.

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TITLE: ThanksKilling

YEAR: 2009

GENRE: Horror and Comedy

One of the beauties of companies like Netflix is that fans of low budget movies can find a great deal of schlock for home viewing pleasure easier than in the past. Before these companies, one would have to subscribe to numerous fanzines and either order films through the mail or attend obscure movie conventions and hope that cinematic gem is available from one of the dealers. Oh sure there is fun in the hunt, but now one can simply find these zero budget films on Netflix, load it onto your computer instantly, and then if liked buy it on ebay. Most of these films can be a waste of time, but there are also a few that are so over the top that they are worth repeated viewings in spite of their low production values. Such is the case with ThanksKilling, a comical and insane $4000 offering from the American south.

The premise starts how many more traditional slasher films begin: five college students head out into the woods for a holiday weekend of fun, frolick, and–most important–sex and beer. We all know what happens to these college students (they’re scheduled to die!), but instead of a lumbering hillbilly with an axe or some Bigfoot-style monster we get leftovers from the Puritanical era: a turkey possessed by a psychotic Indian run afowl by the Pilgrims of the 1600’s, and our unfortunate teens wake up the damned soul. Chaos soon happens, and our teens find themselves in a race for survival against the evil bird and to find a way to send the possessed turkey back to the colonial Hell where it belongs.

With the above mentioned budget (which is smaller than the money spent on some blockbuster films’ craft services), this film is not winning any awards for its effects or cinematography. The main character is a combination of a stuffed animal and a puppet, for goodness sake! However, what makes this film entertaining is the joking, sarcastic nature of the turkey, which is sort of a cross between Freddy Krueger, Chucky from Child’s Play, and a gangsta rapper who’s watched too many Chris Rock videos. This film has an amazing amount of one-liners from the fowl bird, such as “Gobble gobble, mother f*$%@#!” and “You’ve just been stuffed!” yelled in glee just before the inevitable murder. It’s not Shakespeare by any stretch, but with a name like ThanksKilling director Jordan Downey was not concerned about putting Academy Awards on his mantle. Despite this, what we have here is a fun, cheap exploit that has granted low brow entertainment value for that bad movie party or a Friday night with too much popcorn and beer you have planned.

If you are still reading this review that tells me that you can get past the ridiculous plot. If this is the case, then this should become part of your future Netflix viewing. You are either a fan of real crappy movies or you are not: I have found there really are not very many people in between. You have probably already decided if ThanksKilling is worthy of your viewing time, and I would encourage you doubters to give this a shot anyway. This film has generated some buzz on the internet for its sheer stupidity and immature humor, and I would agree with the hype that ThanksKilling is a dumb yet entertaining way to spend/waste 70 minutes. Tolerate the stupid jokes, abide with the dumbest college students on the face of the earth, and survive the horrible production values and simply enjoy the twisted, bloody ride. I raise a drumstick in approval.

* * * 1/2



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