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    Couch Potato Movie Reviews is, obviously, a blog that exclusively reviews movies. What makes this blog different is the fact that all of the films we are reviewing are all movies that are available on home movie rental companies such as Redbox, Netflix, Blockbuster, and your quickly disappearing neighborhood rental store. This blog is designed to take a more detailed look at those movies that either were sent straight to DVD, received a very limited release in the theaters, or were distributed through the art house or film festival circuit. We will also review those big Hollywood films, but only after they are available for home viewing.

    All the reviews are written by fans of the great art of film making rather than some newspaper reviewer or stuffy film student. We don’t know everything about film but we do know what we like, and we are more than happy to share our opinions with you. What you do with those opinions are totally up to you, although comments are welcome and encouraged.

    Each film review has a one to five star rating at the end of the critique. Here is what those star ratings mean for you couch potatoes:

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    * * * : Three stars: average, not bad just not great either.

    * * : Two stars: only rent if you have to see everything.

    * : One star: don’t waste your time with this.

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Web Series: Ninja Babes From Space

TITLE: Ninja Babes From Space

YEAR: 2008-2010

GENRE: Science Fiction and Comedy

WEBSITE: www.ninjababesfromspace.com

One of the beauties of owning your own blog is that you can venture out into unchartered territory and write about other subjects at times. Periodically I will also review internet-only series that are made by aspiring film makers around the country. This is to help these indie film makers promote their works and to give you, the reader, other alternatives to watch for free in the comfort of your own home.

Some science fiction is designed to make political or social statements about their time. Films like The Day The Earth Stood Still, Gattaca, and Planet Of The Apes (1968, not the Tim Burton one) are classic sci-fi fare that speak on important issues such as pollution, the destruction of the planet, and genetic engineering that get their point across in an effective manner. The theme behind the web miniseries “Ninja Babes From Space” is a bit more simplistic: hot girls with large boobs in skin-tight costumes with catty mouths are a fun escape from reality. This is definitely cotton candy in the food groups that are science fiction, but “Ninja Babes From Space” is a fun way to waste an hour or so.

Four of the Ninja Babes venture to a long forgotten temple to retrieve the Family Jewels, a set of precious gems that hold great mojo for all that hold them. However, one of the Ninja Babes named Raven betrays the group to get her clutches on the jewels for herself (who would have guessed the bad girl would be dressed in black?). The rest of the Ninja Babes have to fight their way through space to fight Raven , her blue skinned minions, and a robot. Obstacles are put in the way however, especially a prince named Kendrick who becomes lovestruck with one of the Ninja Babes.

“Ninja Babes From Space” has a good amount of items checked in its favor. The characters, considering the goals of director/writer Dan Lantz, are well developed and written especially Ruby (well played by Jessah Diaz), a rough and tumble Ninja Babe who is a bit irrelevant and punk rawk at times yet dedicated to the cause of the group. The special effects are very well done, the costuming is more professional than one would expect, and the fight scenes are fairly well choreographed; one would almost think that “Ninja Babes from Space” would have been produced by Spike TV or the SyFy Channel if one did not know it was purely indie in nature. The miniseries also stays within the realm of fairly good taste (no nudity, sorry guys) with the exception of the jabs the Babes make at each other and the numerous sexual innuendos (for example, Ruby blows up a spaceship with a large hand-held cannon and says with a grin “Yes boys, size does matter!”). The main characters are not the only quality participants as the writer does develop a few characters for a few laughs, especially Izzy who could have easily stepped off the set of Clueless (complete with a Chihuahua) if Alicia Silverstone wore skin tight breastplates and battled aliens in a single pilot spaceship.

Shakespeare it is not, but “Ninja Babes From Space” is an entertaining romp through the galaxy with several beautiful and thinly clad women as your captains. Those who enjoy a lot of cheese, beautiful women, and funny one liners with their science fiction should find “Ninja Babes From Space” a pleasurable and comical frolic through the universe. Nothing serious here, but definitely worth watching. All eight episodes are available on the website listed above.

* * * *



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