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Hell Comes To Frogtown

TITLE: Hell Comes To Frogtown

YEAR: 1987

GENRE: Science Fiction and Comedy

World Wrestling Entertainment created a movie arm of their company a few years back to give their wrestlers an opportunity to star in some major motion pictures. Truth of the matter is that most movies featuring wrestlers in the main cast are not very good, and WWE Films has yet to make a movie has any lasting substance. Oh sure there are a handful of quality wrestler appearances in motion pictures, including Jesse Ventura in Predator, Andre The Giant in The Princess Bride, and Hulk Hogan in…ah…well…I’ll have to get back with you on that one. Roddy Piper has actually had several quality appearances in mostly B-movies including his legendary role and one-liners in John Carpenter’s They Live and the film I am writing about today, Hell Comes To Frogtown. What we have in Hell Comes To Frogtown is an interesting and fairly well made low budget film with classic 1980’s attitude.

Hell Comes To Frogtown is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland right after World War III. Sam Hell (Piper), one of the male survivors, has been captured by the government because of a skill he has that almost every other male does not has any longer: sexual fertility. Hell is captured by a Medtech officer named Spangle (well played by Sandahl Bergman) and is taken on a mission to sleep with as many women as possible in an effort to repopulate the planet. To make sure he cooperates, a bomb is attached to Hell’s testicles that will detonate if he strays a hundred yards from Spangle. Hell and Spangle discover a town that has been overrun with half human/half frog mutants that has taken a group of beautiful women captive. Hell is now forced to save the women from their prison and their monster captives. Will Hell save the women from the frog men? Will his trouser rocket survive the onslaught of beautiful women in his mission to save humanity?

This is obviously a low budget B-movie, but it is not as bad as it may sound. The plot is developed pretty well through the writing and the story actually makes sense through its execution. The world created through the story by writer Randall Frakes is creative and unique for end of the world films, and the creatures are obviously guys in rubber suits yet inventive enough. The best part of the film is the synergy between the loud-mouth Piper and Bergman, and the combination is entertaining and fairly funny. An additional appearance from Rory Calhoun only adds to the fun. On the negative side, the film does have a lot of limitations due to its budget especially the special effects. Despite this, directors Donald G. Jackson (who later directed Class Of Nuke ‘Em High II and numerous Cinemax films) and R.J. Kizer (who later became a well-known ADR editor including Inception, Night At The Museum, and The X-Files: I Want To Believe) maximize the boundaries of their budget to create a quality B-rated experience.

Hell Comes To Frogtown is not the best B-rated science fiction film out of the 1980’s, but it is one of the most memorable and it is miles ahead of the larger budget films with today’s WWE superstars. I am glad to see that Piper has resurrected his film career after his successful bout with cancer and is currently working on several B-rated films. Hell Comes To Frogtown is an excellent example of the ridiculous nature of 1980’s cinema and is worth watching for those who like their films full of humor and insanity with an extra helping of cheese. Wrestling fans should also dust this one off and watch a film that is much better than anything John Cena, Batista, or Steve Austin is starring in at the time.

* * * 1/2



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