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    * : One star: don’t waste your time with this.

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TITLE: Megamind

YEAR: 2010

GENRE: Family and Superhero/Comics

Parodies can be a mixed bag when it comes to genre films. On one hand, they can be brilliant and very worth a laugh like the before mentioned Monsters Vs. Aliens which is a fantastic tip of the hat to the 1950’s monster movies. On the flip side, films like Vampires Suck and the Scary Movie series are feeble and pathetic attempts to get a laugh out of bad jokes and immature humor. Megamind is one of these lampoon-style films, in this case the superhero genre. Although not a perfect film, Megamind does a great job of jabbing the comic book world in the ribs and creating an entertaining superhero film that can stand on its own right.

Our main character Megamind is a blue-skinned super villain/mad scientist from another planet, the type of person who must create chaos and keep up his persona of being a scoundrel and a thorn in the side of Metro City. His nemesis is Metro Man, a too good looking superhero and all-around great guy who can fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes, and melt the heart of any of Metro City’s good citizens with a wink and a smile. Megamind and Metro Man have had numerous battles, with Megamind ending up in jail every time. The two polar opposites meet for yet another of their epic battles, but this time Megamind is victorious and in the process Metro Man meets his demise. Megamind finally gets to rule the city as he so desperately wanted, but after he finally takes the reins he asks himself a simple question: now what do I do? Finding that he enjoys the battles more than being evil, Megamind decides to create another goody two-shoes superhero named Titan to alleviate his boredom and to fill the void that the demise of Metro Man has created in his life. Titan proves to not be the good guy that he was designed to be, and Megamind now must play the role of hero to save Metro City from his most diabolical creation.

Megamind works on several levels, which shows the excellence of the writing for this film. First of all, it is a good family film with a lot of action and fun for the kids and some genuine giggles throughout the film. This is also a genuine homage to the 1978 Superman film displayed through the character Metro Man: he comes from a destroyed planet, raised by a loving American family, has similar powers, has a Fortress Of Solitude-type hideout, and even a Jor-El type character who looks a lot like Marlon Brando with a more flipped out hair-do. My favorite aspect of Megamind is our villain and his conflict throughout the film of being the evil monster everybody perceived him to be and the more subdued alien he was in real life. The background story of how he was groomed because he was “different” as a kid and his choices through his life because of his adolescence were an aspect that just about any person who was a not a candidate for “most popular” in high school could relate on one level or another.  Megamind has good enough CGI-style animation but is not spectacular, however the quality of writing in the film is what raises this movie above a lot of other animated films.

I had several friends from the comic book industry who told me to skip this film and I do not understand their reservations about Megamind. This is a quality animated comedy that gives a nod of approval to the superhero film while at the same time poking some inoffensive fun at the genre. The satire here is quality enough, but it’s the multi-levels of the writing that makes Megamind a quality production. Very worth your time, and even worthy of multiple views.

* * * * 1/2



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