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Black Sheep

TITLE: Black Sheep

YEAR: 2006

GENRE: Horror and Comedy

When an independent film has an openly admitted ridiculous plot and concept, the final results at best can be very hit or miss. Films such as Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes and Killer Klowns From Outer Space have become classics in their own rights in part to their absurd storylines, however these films also had quality production, a reasonable script, and actors that could pull off the over the top banter to make these films more plausible even though the viewer knows they are not. The trick is to create a world where the crazy events could happen and to present the ideas in a creative and ingenious way. This is not the case with Black Sheep, a not-so-funny horror comedy that misses the target.

Harry Olfield (played by Nathan Meister) has just returned home to the sheep farm where he experienced a traumatic accident where his father is killed in a sheep herding accident. While he was locked away in an institution, his brother Angus (Peter Feeney) has been working on genetically enhancing the sheep and presents his brother with his abomination of nature and science. An environmentalist named Grant (Oliver Driver) steals one of the baby mutant sheep which ends up biting him and turning the tree hugging hippie into a monster sheep/human mix. The rest of the herd discovers that human blood tastes good and decides to go on a feeding frenzy on the local population. Can the ovine herd be stopped or will the hills of New Zealand flow red with the blood of sheep farmers?

Black Sheep had tremendous potential to be a great parody on modern science and the general plot could have been hysterical, but neither concept succeeds very well. Most of the script is just not very funny although I will admit that the cause of the ending explosion in the film was amusing in a juvenile way. I did laugh once at one of the lines but the rest of the script did not have a humorous element. The effects are pretty decent and the were-sheep effects are well done especially for an independent film. I did like the setting of the film as I would guess that the filming was done on an actual sheep farm in New Zealand, and it comes across as serene until the bloodbath begins. The quality of acting in Black Sheep is especially poor and none of the thespians in the production make me buy into the story on any level.

Just because a film has an over the top plot means that it has to be required viewing by B-movie fanatics. Black Sheep does not have any of charm to its outlandish nature and does not carry the story well due to the poor acting and subsequent script. There has to be some quality of writing to films like this even when their plot is so over the top, but Black Sheep attempts to carry itself solely on its insane plot. This film won several awards at film festivals, but I do not get the hype or accolades.

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