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Superman: Doomsday

TITLE: Superman: Doomsday

YEAR: 2007

GENRE: Superhero/Comics

I have attended a significant amount of comic book conventions in past years, and it is common to hear die hard fans complain about the movie adaptations. Most of the time the pop culture fanatics are complaining that the stories are omitting essential information in the storylines that they know and love, and the thought of changing them can be appalling at times. Since I am not much of a comic book reader I would not know whether this is true or not, but one I did read was the “Death of Superman” including the follow-up issues. Superman: Doomsday did take the original storyline and twist around details quite a bit and unfortunately it did detract from the original material.

Superman (voiced by Adam Baldwin) is forced to fight Doomsday, an alien monster built for warfare and hell-bent on destruction, due to a mistake by LexCorp. The Man of Steel does end up killing the monster but the end result is also the demise of Superman. However, Superman rather is in a deep sleep and recovers from his injuries at his Fortress of Solitude with the help of his robot (Tom Kenny). A clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor (James Marsters) is overjoyed by his arch enemy’s demise and creates a Superman clone to take over Metropolis. Long-time love Lois Lane (Anne Heche) figures out that the new Man of Steel is indeed a fake shortly after he kills Toyman (John Di Maggio). The real Superman hears about his doppelganger’s actions and knows he has to stop him despite the fact that his strength has not fully returned and his injuries are still being nursed. 

The writing in Superman: Doomsday leaves out a few essential details from the comic books that make the storyline seemed rushed. The four supermen that appeared in the comics after Superman’s death are nowhere to be seen which in the comics was acceptable drama and it would have been entertaining to see a film adaptation. The grief experienced by Clark Kent’s parents is also brushed over pretty quickly which I did not consider to be acceptable although there is one touching scene between Martha Kent andLois Lane. The voice acting is also a little flat for me especially Heche as Lois Lane. On the positive, the animation is well done and the fight scenes are better than most but it is hard to move past the omissions in the storyline that were critical in the comics that brought about permanent changes in Metropolis.

Superman: Doomsday is an acceptable superhero film on the ground level but unfortunately does not fly to the stars like it could have if it was 30 minutes longer and featured the omitted storylines. This comic adaptation is a definite PG-13 as the fight scenes are definitely graphic so this is not for the younger kiddies. What is on the screen is an acceptable superhero film, but Superman: Doomsday could have been a better film if it incorporated the entire storyline instead of choice material. This is not a terrible film by any standard, but Superman: Doomsday could have been better if they used existing storyline instead of creating their own.

* * 1/2



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