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Man With The Screaming Brain

TITLE: Man With The Screaming Brain

YEAR: 2005

GENRE: Horror and Comedy

The SyFy Channel is well known for making B-movies that are premiered on their cable channel before making a DVD/Blue ray release. Bruce Campbell has been crowned king of the B-movie by the press and fans due to his cheesy acting appearances, top selling books, and convention appearances that draw huge amount of fans hoping to be graced by the presence of the man who played Ash in the Evil Dead movies. It was just a matter of time before these titans of the B-movie world would collaborate to create a film that would meet the needs of those ravenous low budget flick fanatics. The result of this collaboration was Man With The Screaming Brain which is not the best film by a long shot but it is an at-times entertaining project that will appeal to fans of low-grade 1950’s and 60’s sci-fi.

William Cole (played by Campbell) is a wealthy American industrialist who vacations to Bulgaria to investigate a potential tax shelter for his millions. Cole ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up being murdered for his money along with ex-KGB operative Yegor (Vladimir Kolev) by hotel maid Tatoya (Tamara Gorski). Mad scientist Dr. Ivanov (Stacy Keach) gets his hands on both bodies and does what mad scientists do: combine the two brains and place the abomination into Cole’s body. After being brought back to life the two intellects find it hard to agree on anything or get along, but they both agree on one common goal: find the maid that killed them and return the favor.

SyFy Channel films are notorious for not being very good productions and Man With The Screaming Brain is pedictably not the best film. However, the film does have enough redeeming qualities to raise it above the usual SyFy dreck. Of course, Campbell is the center of Man With The Screaming Brain and he does an admirably hammy job in first playing a business mogul and then playing the conflicted experiment gone wrong complete with Frankenstein-style stitches around his noggin. There are several genuinely funny moments throughout the movie, but in many cases Man With The Screaming Brain is more silly than entertaining. The film was made for TV so it sticks with television standards in terms of profanity and violence, so the end result is a product that is a little more juvenile in nature. The production is very acceptable and the direction of the film (handled by Campbell himself) is more than adequate. Man With The Screaming Brain was filmed in Bulgaria, and the setting looks more real (because it is) than what would be expected in a B-movie such as this.

Campbell originally promoted the film’s release through a book tour for his second manuscript Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way including a screening of the project for the die-hard fans who wanted to pay $12 to see the film a few weeks ahead of its SyFy Channel premiere. Now that is a novel way to pay for the production costs! Nevertheless, Man With The Screaming Brain is an original homage that is more cerebral in nature (bad pun, groan…now) than most SyFy Channel fodder. This is a film that most viewers will only be able to tolerate one viewing, but it is worth watching even if it ends up at the bottom of your Netflix queue.

* * *



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