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April Fools

TITLE: April Fools

YEAR: 2007

GENRE: Horror

Independent horror films can be a haven for creative ideas in what has become a fairly stale genre. More often than not however these low budget films instead turn to photocopying some plotline or idea from the big studios and make a cheap imitation. It seems that there are hundreds of independent horror films that make this grave mistake and end up creating a forgettable mess of a film. This is the case with April Fools, a limited production that seems to take the plot from I Know What You Did Last Summer and does its best hip-hop imitation.

Six high school students led by young hottie Deanna (played by Melanie Reif) play a harsh prank on a nerd in their high school and accidentally kill him. In order to protect their futures the group decides to cover up their part in the murder and make the episode look like a gang-related shooting. One year later at the students’ annual April dance a mysterious killer emerges and starts to knock off the teenagers one by one. Missy (Aaliyah Franks), one of the six, fears for her life and spills the beans to her police detective father (Obba Babatunde) and his partner (Darrin Dewitt Henson). Is there a chance for Missy to survive the night?

April Fools is a paint by numbers horror film and is worthy of passing on for a lot of reasons. First of all the plot has been used dozens of times: teens accidentally kill person, cover up the murder, and later a killer arrives and targets the teens. There are no attempts to even try to make the story creative and offers nothing new to the genre. We also have our usual stereotypical bunch of teens: the jock, the hot girl, the innocent girl, the tough guy, and the wanna-be gangster are all represented in formulaic glory. Other stereotypes are also included, including the fat white police officer who ends up dead and numerous African-American stereotypes. Most of the cast is African-America so that is a bit original compared to most pale-faced horror casts, but the novelty of this film ends there. The suspense level is virtually non-existent as director Nancy Norman (in her only directorial attempt) leaves expectation on the cutting room floor, and the kills are simplistic and lack any creativity or gore. The cinematography relies too much on some at-times creative slow motion scenes, but after ten to twelve times this too becomes stale. On the positive, the acting is fairly good at times although over dramatic at others. The music is the best part of April Fools and is fairly well done by Platinum rapper Lil’ Flip, although the three full songs included in the film complete with the cast gyrating to his music is a little much. The dénouement is especially anti-climatic and predictable, and seasoned horror fans will figure out the identity of the killer within the first 20 minutes of the film.

It is too bad when an independent horror film does not take advantage of giving the fans something new and creative, and April Fools can be added to the huge list of lousy low budget horror offerings outside of the Hollywood machine that copy its big brother in the film making world. April Fools is not creative, well made, or even delivers any quality kills. I hate to stoop to symbolism, but April Fools is a joke and should be left among the hundreds of Z-grade trash efforts.




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