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Bachelor Party In The Bungalow Of The Damned

TITLE: Bachelor Party In The Bungalow Of The Damned

YEAR: 2007

GENRE: Horror and Comedy

Before watching a film I have not seen I will spend some time doing a little research on the movie, director, and actors so that I can write a fairly intelligent review. The fact that this was director Brian Thomson’s first and only film, he chose to give it one of those over the top titles that give an expectation that these films almost never meet, and the project had a micro-budget of only $10,000 I was prepared for the worst. Bachelor Party In The Bungalow Of The Damned turned out to not be the best film, but it is interesting and a lot more entertaining than most micro-budget schlock.

Sammy (played by Gregg Aaron Greenberg) is the best man at an upcoming wedding, and decides to perform his obligatory duties by organizing a bachelors party for the groom Chuck (Joseph Riker). The twosome and a few close friends head uop to a bungalow in the Hamptons for a weekend of boose, swimming, and of course strippers. When the three strippers—Emerald (Monique Dupree), Vermillion (Kaitlyn Gutkes) and Snowy (Zoe Hunter)—arrive the party immediately goes into full swing, especially since these girls are more than willing to dance around more than one pole. The partying guys believe they have hit the jackpot until Chuck makes a grisly discovery—the strippers are really vampires and the ladies are there to feed on their blood. It is now up to Sammy to protect Chuck and to kill the lead vampire so all his friends can come back to the land of the living.

Bachelor Party In The Bungalow Of The Damned has the usual negative aspects of zero budget films such as occasional shoddy camera work and terrible blood effects, but the presentation is tongue firmly planted in cheek and as a result there are times when the movie is fun to watch. Thre best scene is when Troma leader Lloyd Kaufman appears as a hooker in drag; the cameo is only about ten seconds but it is worth a belly laugh in itself. A chase scene between Greenberg and Dupress is also entertaining and results in Dupree’s character becoming a bloody mess including bugs flying out of the eyeballs of her skull; this is done in an almost Abbott and Costello style and is one of the more entertaining cat-and-mouse scenes in low grade movies. There are also some quality one-liners, such as Sammy stating “you know Pauly’s an a@^&%$*, that’s how he got into law school!” Dupree (Pot Zombies) and Hunter (Witchcraft 13: Blood Of The Chosen) may not be size 0 girls, but both are beautiful in a curvy-kind of way as they do a decent job as the gyrating strippers/vampires and do what they usually do in these type of films: lose some clothes, say some cheeseball lines, and die in a goopy, blood-soaked way. The acting of the gentlemen in the film is less than desirable, but Dupree and Hunter play acceptable vampire sluts and look pretty good in their skin tight black pleather dresses. One other positive aspect is the very creative opening credits which superimposes the credits over stripper silhouettes and smoke; the ending credits are also entertaining to read so make sure to stick around long enough to enjoy those.

I am not sure how she can travel so much as she is also the mother of nine (!) children, but Dupree is a regular and popular guest at horror conventions across the country plus she is a part of half a dozen film projects per year. I would guess that Thomson approached Bachelor Party In The Bungalow Of The Damned in a way that centers on a comiedic approach, and in a way he succeeded. I am not going to endorse the film as genius, but Bachelor Party In The Bungalow Of The Damned has some positive points and is not a complete waste of time. Bachelor Party In The Bungalow Of The Damned is worthy of the Netflix queue for die-hard Z-grade sleaze fans, but other horror fans who want Hollywood quality should skip this one.

* * 1/2



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