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Web Series: Spellfury

TITLE: Web Series: Spellfury

YEAR: 2008-present

GENRE: Fantasy

WEBSITE: http://www.spellfury.com

Fantasy is a fairly tough market for the film world in the fact that the expectations are usually sky high. Ever since the epic Lord Of The Rings trilogy from 2002-2004 fans have seen that these movies can be utterly amazing and hope that all these films will meet this standard. For those who are willing to lower their standards for products that have less than a fraction of Peter Jackson’s craft services budget will find the Dungeons and Dragons-inspired ‘Spellfury” internet series to be an entertaining way to waste some free time.

Druinia (played by Julie O’Halloran) is an elf who has possession of a magic sword and is on a quest through an enchanted forest to avenge the death of her father. Her companion Tarek (Matt Ficner) is killed early in the journey and Druinia is forced to fight huge bats, evil spirits, and other forest creatures in her quest. Mythical creatures are the last of Druinia’s problems as evil sorcerer Kruskull (Robbie Drebitt) wants the sword for its powers and Xorn (Ian Quick) wants to sell the sword for its monetary values. Kruskull sends a legion of Grokonians to steal the sword and eliminate the elf, and during the epic battle Xorn also makes efforts to take the sword and leave Druinia for dead

“Spellfury” is fairly light in its approach and the humor level is pretty high at times. There are many interesting and entertaining one-liners throughout the production: for example, when Xorn picks up the magical sword and it does not glow Druinia exclaims “Maybe it doesn’t like disgusting troll dung!” There is also a self-depreciating mystic monk named Errol (Robbie Drebitt) who cracks some funny one-liners such as when he borrows from “SouthPark” by saying “I’m not fat, I’m big boned” and snarks some cracks about organized religion. On the production front, the costuming is acceptable for a internet-only series although it is laughable at times especially Druinia’s horrible wig which looks like it came off a 1960’s “Star Trek” set and the costumes of the Grokonians which resemble the worst happy Bigfoot costumes ever seen. One highlight was in episode four when Druinia fights off a swarm of CGI-created mutant bats which looks very cool considering the show’s zero budget. The filming is very nice and crisp and the sound and lighting are very good considering the show’s financial limitations. Ultimately what works for “Spellfury” is that director/writer Travis Gordon knows when to spend the effort on the production and when to go for a lighter approach which gives “Spellfury” a light and entertaining attitude that makes it worthy to watch.

A file from the “so stupid it must be true” category: this Canadian-based production features commercials from of all sponsors the United States Coast Guard—just another example of US-based taxpayer money leaving the country. Ficner is an aspiring puppeteer who had his work featured in the Hollywood production Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium as well as the Canadian TV show “Wingin’ It”. It appears that another one is planned as the character Kruskull appears on a YouTube video asking for donations equaling $9000 so that more episodes can be created. Whether the episodes will continue or not is yet to be seen, but “Spellfury” is an entertaining view for those looking for odd stuff to watch while the supervisor is occupied at work.  The longest episode is less than five minutes long, so “Spellfury” is a quick and fun view that will be fairly memorable for fans of internet-based series. All twelve episodes are on their website as well as production pictures, notes on the cast and crew, and a blog from Gordon.

* * * 1/2



One Response

  1. Thanks Mark, I appreciate the review! We’re currently shooting Season 2 and have released the first episode of the new season:

    Travis Gordon

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