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Tokyo Gore Police

TITLE: Tokyo Gore Police

YEAR: 2008

GENRE: Horror and Action/Adventure

Yoshihiro Nishimura may not be a household name in the United States, but in the world of cult Asian cinema he is almost a demigod. Nicknamed the “Tom Savini of Japan,” Nishimura has been leaving his gore-soaked fingerprints on the Japanese horror film empire for the last several years as the creator of some amazing and insane special effects on films such as Meatball Machine, Noriko’s Dinner Table, and Suicide Club. While doing the ridiculous effects in The Machine Girl, Nishimura was offered the opportunity to direct his own movie to create his own sick and twisted vision. In order to fashion his diabolical contribution to Asian gore cinema he reached back to a demo short named Anatomia Extinction for inspiration and a loose storyline. The final result was Tokyo Gore Police, a completely over the top socio-political bloodbath that just has to be seen to be believed.

In the near future, the citizens of Tokyo live in fear of a group of criminals called “engineers” that have the ability to sprout weapons from damaged and dismembered limbs. The now privatized Tokyo Police Force is dedicated to protect and serve the citizens and deal with this new criminal outbreak with a squadron of officers called “engineer hunters” that specialize in eliminating the threat by killing them. The best of these “engineer hunters” is Ruka (Eihi Shiina), an orphan loner who practices self-mutilation and was raised by the current police chief (Yukihide Benny) and a bartender (Ikuko Sawada), who solves the problems of “engineers” by the end of her samurai sword. While killing “engineers” Ruka discovers the Key Man (Itsuji Itao), a genetic engineer who literally holds the key to the cure of the “engineers”. Ruka and the Key Man do have a common bond, and the result is Ruka’s life changing forever.

The story with Tokyo Gore Police, as one would expect, is the amazingly nightmarish special effects throughout the film. There are several “engineer” characters that will stick in the collective memories of those who watch: the dog-slave (Cay Izumi) character dressed in bondage gear with katanas as legs is creative and just plain strange; the legless prostitute who develops a sickening crocodile head as legs will scare all perverts away from the world’s oldest profession; and the criminal whose severed penis become a three foot long shotgun is ridiculous yet strangely entertaining. The whore house in Tokyo Gore Police is absolutely the strangest I have ever seen and resembles one of Lloyd Kaufman’s most bizarre nightmares. The violence is intense yet outrageous, as all fans know that each Nishimura kill scene will involve about 50 gallons of Kool-Aid style blood spewing out the wound like a pressure washer at a car wash. There are some lighter moments in the film as well, including a scene where Ruka cuts off the hands of a guy who grabs her buttocks on the bus and states “Molestation is a crime” as she walks away to a surprisingly stylish scene. The part of Tokyo Gore Police that I personally enjoyed the most would be the parody of futuristic Japanese culture, including some insane advertising toward the self-mutilation crowd, the privatization of government services to “eliminate crime through killing”, and a preposterous sexed-up newscast including an Asian multi-colored hair hottie posturing to the camera and yelling like she was hosting some lousy MTV game show. In addition, the character of Ruka was surprisingly well developed through flashback scenes so one can truly understand her pain and anger towards the world as well as the irony of her career choices.

Nishimura’s first directorial project was a smashing success both in Japan as well as North America and he is now cranking out films at the helm at a couple a year clip. Tokyo Gore Police is an especially good effort for what it is trying to be: a complete bloodbath with some social commentary spread throughout the production here and there. Tokyo Gore Police is definitely not for the kids and probably should not even be seen by people under 18, but fans of Asian cinema and insane bloody offerings will find Tokyo Gore Police a welcome addition to the repertoire.

* * * 1/2



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