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Vicious Lips

TITLE: Vicious Lips

YEAR: 1988

GENRE: Science Fiction

AKA: Pleasure Planet

I admit that I enjoy movies that make the watcher think and encourages intelligent conversation, but there is also nothing wrong with movies that do not really have a message and are plain old fashioned fun. The 1980’s was one of those eras where many films arrived in the B-movie world that was more about entertainment and escapism than messages and morals. Although not a perfect film, Vicious Lips is a pleasurable way to spend 90 minutes to get away from the cares of the world.

Judy Jetson (played by Dru-Anne Perry) auditions for the lead singer of an all-girl punk band called Vicious Lips and gets the job. Other band members Bree Syn (Gina Calabrese), Wyndi Krodo (Linda Karridge), and Mandoa (Shayne Ferris) are not too thrilled with the new addition to the band, but they do agree that her name must now be Ace Lewis because the names on their freshly printed posters must match as they are off on their big break: a huge gig at the largest intergalactic night club in the galaxy called The Radioactive Dream. Along with their manager Matty Asher (Anthony Kentz), the Vicious Lips take off in their spaceship tour bus but encounter a meteor shower that forces them to crash land on the planet. In addition to crash landing on the deserted side of the planet they also encounter an escaped prisoner who is dangerous. Will the Vicious Lips survive their distractions and will they make it to the gig on time?

Vicious Lips is not a film designed for creating serious conversation, but for being a light and fluffy production it does succeed on most levels. Fans of 80’s fashions and music will love this film as huge hair held up by gallons of Aqua Net, neon clothing and accessories straight from the heyday of MTV, and lots of Valley Girl attitude is displayed throughout the movie. The best aspect of Vicious Lips is the stellar 1980’s synth-pop/punk throughout the film; this very well could be the best soundtrack out of the 1980’s that never hit the top 40. The band itself also looks great: four cute girls in 80’s garb and hairstyles complete with neon-covered instruments and Reagan-era punk makeup  There are quite a few funny one-liners throughout the film as well: when Judy Jetson wonders about taking on the name of the deceased singer one member exclaims “Why? She doesn’t give a s&*%!” and the computer on the spaceship states “A big f^@$%*& rock is coming” when it first detects the meteor shower. The scene at The Radioactive Dream is otherworldly and resembles the Cantina scene from Star Wars: Episode IV—ANew Hope on the set of A Flock Of Seagulls video shoot. The creatures are also very creative and interesting especially for a low budget drive-in film. One disappointing aspect is that the storyline is hard to follow at times but most of Vicious Lips are nightmare flashbacks from Judy/Ace and the film does have a dream-like appearance at times. There are also two nude girls who appear out of nowhere that add nothing to the story but T&A which was not completely necessary.

The special effects in Vicious Lips were created by a young Greg Cannom who later did makeup effects on Titanic and Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, and this was the film debut of Dan Barnhart Jr. who is now a well-known comedian. There is nothing deep here, but Vicious Lips is a fun, light way to spend a Saturday afternoon with a bunch of friends looking for a throwback after a weenie roast and listening to one of those “1980’s weekend” classic rock radio programs.

* * *



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