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Rabid Grannies

TITLE: Rabid Grannies

YEAR: 1988

GENRE: Horror

AKA: Les Memes Cannibales

Most of the time when a horror movie has a ridiculous title and premise, the film does not meet the expectations of the viewer or the preconceived notions that come about from the name. When a film is named Rabid Grannies and features some demon possessed 90-plus year old women fans automatically lower their expectations from being disappointed one too many times. In this case however Rabid Grannies is a fantastic over the top bloodbath that actually exceeds the hopes of the fans and delivers a well written story of family greed and retribution for their sins.

The Remington family gathers together at the family mansion to celebrate Aunt Elizabeth (played by Danielle Daven) and Victoria’s (Anne-Marie Fox) 92nd birthday. All the family members—including corrupt businessmen, wives who married only for financial gain, the family spinster, lesbians, trust fund brats, and snot-nosed rotten kids—are only at the party to suck up with the elderly ladies to raise their stakes in the family inheritance. The black sheep of the family Christopher, who is the high priest of a Satanic church, is not invited to the festivities but he sends his love through a wooden box containing an enchantment that turns the elderly sisters into bloodthirsty ghouls. The family reunion now turns into a thinning of the Remington herd as the corrupt relatives die off in gore-soaked ways. Will the family bloodline survive or will the possessed grannies end the family tree once and for all?

Fans may not expect much with a title like Rabid Grannies, but the writing level was surprisingly good. The first third of the movie developed the characters of the repulsive family members and by the thirty minute mark literally every member of the family will disgust the watcher to the point where they will enjoy watching the family die. Once the elderly ladies turn into the possessed monsters (in a fairly impressive way thanks to the special effects of Sebastien Fernandez) they spend the rest of the film terrorizing and killing their greedy family members in nasty, Technicolor glory. Even one of the little children ends up at the wrong end of the relatives’ dentures and ends up dismembered which was pretty controversial at the time. Some of the acting is over the top especially Father Percival (Robert Du Bois) who is way too much of a sniveling little crybaby throughout the film, but that is a minor complaint. Overall the story of Rabid Grannies is the quality of writing a simplistic story that by the end has the viewers cheering for the elderly ladies to wipe out the family line and leave their fortune to their cats.

Rabid Grannies is originally an independent German product, but the film was picked up for distribution within the United States by the good people at Troma and turned out to be one of the most recognizable items in their entire catalog. The original Dutch cut (not available on Netflix) is the complete cut and has several extra minutes of additional bloodshed so gorehounds should spend the time tracking down that version. It is fair to understand why, as Rabid Grannies is one of those rare independent horror films that is actually a pretty good finished product that brings the viewer into the greedy world of the Remington family and the opportunity to relish in watching a bunch of rich, money grubbing scumbags die merciless deaths at the hands of the elderly family members in which they are attempting to swindle. Rabid Grannies is very worth a rental, and fans of 1980’s horror should consider adding this to their collection.

* * * *


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