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Invasion Of The Star Creatures

TITLE: Invasion Of The Star Creatures

YEAR: 1962

GENRE: Science Fiction and Comedy

At the end of the 1950’s and 60’s science fiction craze there were a fair amount of comedies released with a sci-fi flair that lampooned the genre. Jerry Lewis would have been the king of sci-fi comedies in this area, starting with Visit To A Small Planet in 1960, performed arguably his most famous role in The Nutty Professor in 1963, and ventured to the moon in Way, Way Out in 1966. Other than Lewis’ efforts most of the sci-fi parodies of that time frame were mostly forgettable trash, and no movie exemplifies low grade sci-fi comedy trash than the 1962 Z-grade stinker Invasion Of The Star Creatures.

Private Philbrick (played by Robert Ball) and Private Penn (Frankie Ray) are two bored soldiers who dream of adventures beyond the stars. The privates along with a few other military representatives are sent to investigate a deep crater where a nuclear explosion happened to explore the aftermath. While there they privates discover a cave uncovered by the blast, and while investigating the subterranean caverns they discover a secret alien base inhabited by two seven foot tall alien women named Puna (Dolores reed) and Tanga (Gloria Victor). Puna and Tanga are scientists from their world sent to conquer the planet using a handful of snarling vegetable monsters. With their fellow soldiers captured by the aliens, Philbrick and Penn know that it is up to them to save the day and the earth from the vegetable monster invasion.

Invasion Of The Star Creatures attempts to do its best slapstick comedic approach but ends up coming across as more silly and stupid than genuinely funny. Ball and Ray do their best Henry Hull and Leo Gorcey impersonation with some Three Stooges-type helmet smacks and eye pokes, but come nowhere close to the excellence of either comedic team. The monster costuming is some of the worse ever made in any movie as the vegetable creatures are guys in body suits with oversized plaster of Paris painted heads similar in quality to what one would expect on the mascot of a high school football team. Puna and Tanga (bad sexual pun) are the eye candy of the film: the twosome wears 1950’s style WWE women’s wrestling outfits complete with high heeled shoes and bras that help the ladies to defy a gravity and direct their pointy assets to the stars. Most of the scenes are shot in the same cave-style set and director Bruno VeSota (an AIP acting veteran of LeecThe Wasp Woman, Attack Of The Giant Leeches, and The Wild World Of Batwoman) makes zero effort to hide the set limitations. Some of the Gorcey-inspired lines through the film do have fun moments such as the introduction which states ‘This is a true story. Only the facts have been completely distorted”. The saving grace of Invasion Of The Star Creatures is that the film understands that it is a steaming pile of alien feces and plays as a dopey comedy so it does have an MST3K kitsch to the movie.

Some of the greatest science fiction ever written came out of the 1950’s and 60’s, but also some of the very worst sci-fi films ever made came from the same era. Invasion Of The Star Creatures is a terrible production that should rank with the worst of the worst sci-fi ever made, but the film would be fun with a group of friends with a sarcastic and crass sense of humor to razz the film as it plays to unsuspecting eyes so it gains a half-star for that. Watching this film alone may cause an intelligent solo viewer to have brain seizures so be warned.

* 1/2



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