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TITLE: Carriers

YEAR: 2009

GENRE: Horror and Drama

One has to wonder what one would stoop to if their very life was in jeopardy. This is one of the superb aspects of the AMC zombie drama “The Walking Dead”: it questions the humanity of the characters and discusses issues such as compassion, friendship, and basic survival instincts in the midst of the end of civilization as it was known. This is also the premise for the 2009 independent horror drama Carriers, which is one of the pleasant surprises of the independent film world in the last few years. Carriers is a well written and performed melodrama that delivers a quality amount of thoughtful material for fans of more grown-up horror.

A virus has been unleashed onto an unsuspecting world, killing almost the entire population of the planet. Brothers Danny (played by LouTaylorPucci) and Brian Green (Chris Pine) and their girlfriends Bobby (Piper Perabo) and Kate (Emily Van Camp) are travelling to the west coast of the United States to a childhood sanctuary that they heard is an infection-free community. While on their journey west they run into Frank (Christopher Meloni) and his daughter Jodie (Kiernan Shipka) who appears to be infected with the virus. Frank just wants to deliver his loved one to a hospital for treatment, and upon heated debate the foursome decide to help Frank deliver his daughter on the condition that she be quarantined During the journey Bobby shows compassion for the girl but also becomes infected with the deadly virus. Bobby decides to not reveal her infection, and the rest of group must come to grips with the horror that their lives may end due to a friend’s lack of disclosure.

Carriers is not a zombie film and in reality is more of a drama than a true horror film, so fans expecting some gut munching and severe bloodshed may be disappointed. This film is more for the mature horror fans, as Carriers is a pretty decent end of the world drama. The two couples have to confront some heavy situations while fleeing for their lives, and issues of religion, the end of the world, and the immorality of science are all brought up in a well written and thoughtful manner. The best aspect is the characters’ continual struggle with wanting to help out the people left versus their own survival instincts, and the end result is a well designed premise and some good character development due to the depth of the issues. All of the actors are grade A quality which means the performances are much better than the usual low budget film. The production of the film is adequate but nothing amazing either, and the occasional bloody corpse or burned out car on the side of the road are low budget but acceptable. Carriers has been accused of being a bit slow in its presentation, but I would prefer to call it mature as the film knows when to pounce and deliver a fairly shocking and well thought out finale compared to creating a poor pace.

Carriers was the last role for Pine until he landed the coveted role of Captain James T. Kirk in the reboot of the Star Trek franchise. Fans who are sick and tired of the same old plots and clichéd killers and monsters will find Carriers to be a full-grown, well scripted drama of two couples attempting to contemplate true horror and how to keep their humanity in the midst of the apocalypse. Carriers is a quality production that deserves a viewing for fans who desire more cerebral terror.

* * * *



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