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Zombie Strippers

TITLE: Zombie Strippers

YEAR: 2008

GENRE: Horror and Comedy

When an adult film starlet starts to age (in that industry 25 is almost considered ancient) she is eventually forced to go into other forms of employment. In most cases, the porn stars stay in front of the camera and attempt to cross over to Hollywood as legitimate actresses. By far the most successful of these porn queens turned actresses would be Traci Lords, who left the field at the ripe age of 18 after doing numerous now illegal films and has since starred in John Waters films such as Serial Mom and Cry Baby as well as dozens of B-pictures. Ginger Lynn Allen and Marilyn Chambers have had some levels of success, but most of these women have a terrible time shaking off their sexual roots and either stay in the porn business, do the occasional cameo as “dead hooker #4” on some crime drama, or end up as statistics. Jenna Jameson, known as the “queen of porn” on the internet, has made an occasional appearance on television but finally made the step into a starring role in the independent horror comedy Zombie Strippers, a downright rotten production that offers little to the zombie sub-genre and is a vapid viewing experience.

The United States is at war with nine different countries and is in desperate need for new soldiers to fight on the front lines. A secret military base in Sartre, Nebraska, has perfected a virus that resurrects dead Marines so that they can be sent back to fight the nation’s wars, but the virus has infected the scientists and escapes the lab through an infected Marine. The Marine runs off to an underground strip club just a few blocks away and ends up infecting Kat (played by Jameson), the most popular stripper at the club. Not wanting to lose his best performer, money hungry club owner Ian Essko (Robert Englund) has Kat do her usual dance and much to his surprise the men at the club absolutely adore the new undead dancer and her more uninhibited ways. The rest of the strippers view the customer reactions and some of them actually decide to become zombies to improve their financial well being, especially Goth chick Lillith (Roxy Saint) who believes it would be fun to be a walking undead. The rest of the strippers who choose to stay human must fight to survive against the undead outbreak and military intervention to stop the spread of the virus by any means necessary.

The combination of zombies and strippers in the same film may sound hilariously appealing to more grindhouse horror fans, but it is similar to using a pipe wrench to perform brain surgery: the final results are not very successful. Nobody is expecting Orson Welles when watching a movie titled Zombie Strippers, but the acting for almost everybody is downright terrible especially Jameson who has probably been better in some of her pornographic roles. Englund is a high note in the acting department, as he is gleefully ridiculous as the corrupt business owner who values nothing but the almighty dollar. Zombie Strippers attempts to parody the Bush administration and its conservative approach to social issues, but the lampooning falls woefully short as the message falls on deaf ears in most cases. Strange enough, there is no full frontal nudity (although there are several topless shots) in a film about strippers so viewers hoping for a sex-filled odyssey will have to look elsewhere The special effects are amateurish, there is no creativity in the camera angles or production overall, and the weapons used throughout the movie seem to be smaller than real life.

Jameson returned to the business that spawned her career after Zombie Strippers and made half a dozen adult films but is scheduled to appear in a couple low budget horror offerings in 2012. Plain and simple, Zombie Strippers was a lousy idea from the initial concept and continued rolling downhill from the beginning. Like a walking undead from a Romero film, Zombie Strippers lumbers along throughout its 94 minute life, has little to nothing to say, and needs a bullet in between its eyes to end its pitiful existence. The title creates a few chuckles, but other than that there is nothing to see with Zombie Strippers that has not been done before in a much better and creative way.

* ½



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