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Final Destination 2

TITLE: Final Destination 2

YEAR: 2003

GENRE: Horror

AKA: Dead Coaster

The original Final Destination film grossed over $110 million at the box office and was a success on DVD and VHS, and New Line Cinema knew that a franchise was born. For horror, the Final Destination idea was the perfect fodder for a series of films: bring in a bunch of young actors, create a scene where they all cheat death in one way or another, add in a premonition or two, and the rest is bloody carnage that writes itself. Final Destination 2 strays little from the trail blazing of its predecessor, and the results are acceptable for a sequel but the film lacks the creativity of the originator.

Kimberly Corman (played by A.J. Cook) and her friends are out for a ride when she has a premonition of a car pile-up on the highway that will kill her and her friends. She refuses to go onto the highway and blocks the entry overpass onto the road, which holds up several people. When the accident happens and her crew of friends survives, Kimberly remembers Flight 180 and the events of the survivors who were removed from the flight. Kimberly looks up Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), the only survivor of the group from Flight 180 who resides by choice in a padded room at a psychiatric hospital for protection from Death. Clear and Kimberly figure out that the only way to be removed from Death’s list is to create new life that was never supposed to exist. Kimberly remembers that one of the survivors was Isabella Hudson (Justina Machado), who happened to be on the verge of delivering a child at the time. The twosome knows that in order to save the survivors of the car accident that the baby must be born. This must happen quickly, as the survivors are dying quick and merciless deaths, and it is apparent that Death is not pleased.

Final Destination 2 in reality is more of the same from the first film with a few minor changes. First of all, the special effects are much improved especially the car crash pileup which could be one of the very best ever filmed up to that time as it is a spectacular display of flames, flying car parts, and barbequed humans. The deaths are not as creative this time around and the film makers compensate that with more gruesome demises for the teenagers, and to be honest this is a detraction to the film because what made the first film so memorable—the creative and imaginative kills-are more or less eliminated from Final Destination 2. On the positive, Final Destination 2 does have a more diverse cast and does not rely on the usual teen stereotypes, which does help a bit. Most of the acting is acceptable but nothing spectacular, and once again Tony Todd steals the show as the morbid mortician who gleefully rolls one of Kimberly’s deceased friends into a crematorium while she watches. Nudity is also introduced into the franchise as the obligatory topless shot is introduced via a female Hell’s Angel on the highway and adds little to the film.

It is very rare that a sequel is as good as or even better than the first film in a franchise and Final Destination 2 does not break that cardinal rule. Final Destination 2 is an acceptable addition to the franchise and can stand on its own as a decent horror offering due to the improved special effects. However, the creativity of the original is lacking in this film and as a result Final Destination 2 suffers.

* * 1/2



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