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Final Destination 3

TITLE: Final Destination 3

YEAR: 2006

GENRE: Horror

When a movie franchise starts to become a bit stale sometimes the creators end up making a film that turns out to be more of a parody of its own work rather than a legitimate entry into the legacy of the series. This is films such as Freddy vs. Jason and Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man exist: to be able to add some fun to the legacies of their characters and to attempt to breathe new life into the same old story. Unfortunately, the Final Destination franchise did not receive the memo when it came to Final Destination 3, an entry that feels much like the first two films and feels like a rehash of the series’ previous ideas.

High school journalist Wendy Christensen (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) heads off to an amusement park with her boyfriend Jason (Jesse Moss) and some select friends. When Wendy has a premonition that the Devil’s Flight roller coaster is about to crash she creates a scene and several of her friends get off the coaster but her boyfriend stays for the ride. The coaster of course crashes, killing the boyfriend, and Wendy is devastated. Wendy’s friends suddenly start to die accidentally in fairly brutal fashion, and Wendy sees a pattern: that the deaths are happening in the order that they would have died on the amusement park ride. As the friends die, Wendy spends her time warning her acquaintances that Death is nearby and he is not taking kindly to the delay of her friends’ arrival to the afterlife.

It is interesting how a series that was so creative and inventive in the beginning turned into a paint by numbers, stereotypical production, and unfortunately Final Destination 3 does just that. Final Destination 3 feels like a “been there, done that’ type of production at times and one can even guess who will die and when at times, which was virtually impossible with the first entry. Most of the kills are blood-soaked and not very inventive, as death by falling signs, nail guns, and car accidents are almost predictable. On the positive, two topless young ladies who meet their maker in side by side tanning beds was quite inventive and showed some promise as it is the first kills in the film, but the rest of the deaths do not cut the mustard like the bathing beauties. The music seems like it is rehashed from the other two films, and the acting is not very acceptable either and it seems as though the thespians more or less sleepwalked through their roles. This film is also played quite seriously in tone and makes it even less enjoyable, and the biggest mistake was removing Tony Todd’s over the top mortician character which would have added an enjoyable element that Final Destination 3 sorely misses.

Staleness is a disease that impacts many horror franchises, as the Friday The 13th and Halloween series both suffered from this by their fourth or fifth entry. The Final Destination series arrived at that undesirable target a couple films too soon especially considering how this movie has a more creative pedigree and therefore possibilities than the undead psycho genre mentioned previously. Final Destination 3 may deliver some gruesome kills, but it follows a formula almost to the letter and as a result tastes a lot like a McDonald’s cheeseburger: a bit familiar and nothing special for the consumer.

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