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    All the reviews are written by fans of the great art of film making rather than some newspaper reviewer or stuffy film student. We don’t know everything about film but we do know what we like, and we are more than happy to share our opinions with you. What you do with those opinions are totally up to you, although comments are welcome and encouraged.

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    * * : Two stars: only rent if you have to see everything.

    * : One star: don’t waste your time with this.

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YEAR: 2002

GENRE: Horror

Virtually everybody at one point or another in their lives have felt like a social outcast. Over the years this has been the perfect topic fodder for horror directors and writers to play on and eploit as many fans can relate to an awkward teenager struggling to find his or her way in the world. Movies such as Carrie and The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane are both well known films based on the premise of a self-conscious youth that tie in horror elements, and both are considered classic titles in the scary movie genre. One of the truly great films featuring a strange youngster would be May, an excellent horror offering which happens to be a unique takeoff on the Frankenstein legacy.

May Canady (played by Angela Bettis) was a lonely adolescent who has a lazy eye and no real friends while growing up. May considered her only friend to be a strange looking doll in a glass case that was given to her by her Mama (Merle Kennedy) when she was young. Now college aged, May works as a veterinary assistant, mostly sewing up animals after surgery. May starts dating a young mechanic named Adam Stubbs (Jeremy Sisto) because she loves the look of his hands, but her bizarre behavior causes Adam to break up with her. May then has a lesbian fling with Polly (Anna Faris) because she has a beautiful neck, but is rejected again when Polly’s wandering eye sees Anastasia (Nichole Hiltz) and the two start dating. May comes to the conclusion people may have perfect looking parts but as a whole are not without major flaws, and wishes that there was such a thing as a perfect human being. When her doll falls off a shelf and break, May snaps and decides that her life will not be complete until she creates the perfect human that will love her unconditionally forever.

May is a wonderful horror film for several reasons. First of all, the story written by Lucky McGee (Roman, The Woman) is multi-layered and well thought out; it delivers an interesting story on the awkward May in a professional and well developed tone, plus gives a unique look at the Frankenstein monster legacy that adds an interesting element to the classic story. May also has some very good acting that one would not expect from a low budget independent horror offering especially Bettis who is genuinely creepy yet will receive empathy from viewers which is no small feat. Sisto also does a commendable job as the slightly freakish mechanic who becomes intimidated by May. In addition, the ending is extreme and will satisfy most horror fans. The best aspect of May is that this film is more about character development than a bloodbath, and the fans will feel some conflicting emotions about our protagonist. May is truly a dark yet strangely comedic at times tragedy that will sincerely disturb the viewer and is truly a unique entry into the horror genre.

Sisto later moved on to become a television star as Detective Cyruas Lupo on “Law & Order’. Faris has become a regular face in romantic comedies such as My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Hosue Bunny, and the Scary Movie franchise. Bettis has mostly stayed in the horror genre in films such as the remakes of Carrie and The Toolbox Murders. May is a perfect example of how a small budget of $500,000 can be turned into a truly memorable horror offering that offers excellent thespian work and a creative storyline that insists on an emotional response from the watcher. Reccommended.

* * * * *



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