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American Psycho 2

TITLE: American Psycho 2

YEAR: 2002

GENRE: Horror

AKA: American Psycho 2: All-American Girl

Periodically some corporate Hollywood producer or an independent film maker looking for a quick buck will name their film after another successful production as a sequel, but the project they are creating has little or nothing to do with the original. The most famous of these would be Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, a more than acceptable release on its own but has literally nothing to do with Michael Myers or the legacy created by the original two films. Another example would be American Psycho 2; it became impossible to create a true sequel when lead actor Christian Bale could not perform in a second entry so the producers came up with the clever idea of making our killer a female college student and giving the film a more teen scream approach. The idea failed miserably, as American Psycho 2 is virtually a waste of time.

Twelve-year-old Rachael Newman (played by Jenna Perry) kills yuppie psychopathic killer Patrick Bateman (Michael Kremko) while he assaults her babysitter. Now nineteen and fascinated with serial killers, Rachael (Mila Kunis) is enrolled at a prestigious university with former FBI agent and current professor Robert Starkman (William Shatner) as her main instructor. Rachael is obsessed with getting the position of Professor Starkman’s teacher assistant for the next school year but has some stiff competition: Cassandra Blair (Lilly Booth), who is currently sleeping with Professor Starkman; Brian Leads (Robin Dunne), a trust fund brat whose father has given millions to the university; and Keith Lawson (Charles Officer), possibly the only student in the program starter than Rachael. In order to thin out the opposition Rachael decides to practice her studies and eliminates Blair, Brian, and Keith permanently. However, when Rachael still does not receive the coveted position she becomes a serial killer of legendary status.

The first mistake here is the name of the film, as American Psycho 2 may have helped in the marketing end but immediately created a certain expectation among fans of the original that the film was not designed to meet. American Psycho 2 is much lighter fare than the original and does not have the witty sarcasm that the original is famous, and as a result makes this tepid production even more lukewarm to the palate. Kunis does an acceptable job with her role as she is a good actress but she is obviously out of her element as she is not a horror actress; Angela Bettis may have been able to carry this film to another level, but Kunis just does not deliver any menace or even a mischievous nature. It also does not help that with the exception of Rachael none of the characters receive proper development. The music by Norman Orenstein is downright terrible and sounds like the type of music one would expect while watching an episode of “Scooby-Doo”. The deaths are mostly off screen and the film does not even deliver any splatter to appeal to the gore hounds despite its R rating.

Director Morgan J. Freeman (not the well known actor) has moved into production and specializes in television shows exploiting young and pregnant girls including “Teen Mom” and “16 And Pregnant”. This was a very early role for Kunis and she became a famous actress in films such as Black Swan and Forgetting Sarah Marshall as well as the TV shows “That 70’s Show” and “Robot Chicken”. Lionsgate spent $10 million to produce this film yet did not give the film any serious theatrical release, and it is easy to understand why. American Psycho 2 is almost painful to watch even without the legacy of the original as the film offers little to die-hard horror fans. This film may have appeal to young teens as an introduction to R rated films as there is little blood and no nudity, but other than that America Psycho 2 is a waste of time. Don’t bother..

* 1/2



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