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Creepshow 2

TITLE: Creepshow 2

YEAR: 1987

GENRE: Horror

There is always a certain expectation when a sequel to a successful film is released. Most sequels are not as good as the original material, but there are exceptions released here and there. Creepshow 2 is not in the same league as its epic classic original, but the film does have some quality moments that makes the film more than watchable and is far better than most of the swill being released by Hollywood in today’s horror market.

Billy (Domenick John) impatiently waits for his new issue of Creepshow comic delivered by The Creep (Tom Savini). After receiving the comic and mailing out a coupon from the magazine he is chased around town by a handful of bullies. During the chase an animated Creep (voiced by Joe Silver) introduces the viewer to three stories to keep us amused:

  • “Ol’ Chief Wood’nhead”: Ray (George Kennedy) and Martha Spruce (Dorothy Lamour) is an older couple running a general store in the semi-deserted town of Dead River. They are robbed by a group of thugs led by Sam Whitemoon (Holt McCallany) to finance a move to Hollywood, and during the robbery ray and Martha are killed by Sam. The thugs believe that they will get away with murder until a wooden Indian in front of the store comes to life and extracts revenge;
  • “The Raft”: Four college students swim out into a lake with a beautiful view to party on a swimming raft. Little do they know that the lake is inhabited by an amoeba-style monster that is very hungry, and twenty-somethings are on the menu; and
  • “The Hitchhiker”: Adulterous socialite Annie Lansing (Lois Chiles) is driving home after an evening of having sex with her gigolo when she accidentally runs over a hitchhiker (Tom Wright). Annie knows that nobody saw the accident and decides to not report the accident, hoping to dodge the publicity or skyrocketing insurance rates. Unfortunately for Annie, the hitchhiker continues to haunt her and stalks her all the way home.

It is true that this sequel is nowhere near as classic as the original, but Creepshow 2 has aged well over the years and is still an entertaining entry in the franchise. The best part of the production is the great traditional special effects by Howard Berger (Splice, Predators, Jennifer’s Body) and Savini (Maniac, Friday The 13th): the wooden cigar Indian coming to life is especially effective and the paramecium monster in ‘The Raft” is truly great. All three stories are more than acceptable and even entertaining especially “The Raft” as the smart college students try to lay out logical plans to escape the lake monster. Some of the humor of the original is missing in the first two sequences but is more than made up for in ‘The Hitchhiker” which is especially entertaining when Annie states “I just ran into this guy…and over, and over, and over!” and the hitchhiker keeps stating “Thanks for the ride” at ever encounter. The cartoony interludes between each segment are very dated and look pretty terrible, and this would have been more effective with more of a live action approach. Another critique would be that Creepshow 2 should have added a fourth story as writer Stephen King has a wide array of short stories that could have been adapted quite well.

This was the last role for Lamour who had a career in Hollywood spanning over fifty years including The Greatest Show On Earth, Road To Monaco, and My Favorite Brunette. Tales From The Darkside: The Movie was supposed to be the third installment in this franchise, and a sequel in-name only called Creepshow III was released in 2006 that did not have King’s involvement and is a waste of film. Although not as classic as the original, Creepshow 2 does have a fair amount of redeeming qualities and a few quality scares along the way.

* * * 1/2



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